Friday, November 14, 2014

Resolve Problems

If our industry had no problems to resolve, that would be a surprise to me. But, unfortunately there are quite a few which must be analyzed ASAP; however, there are very few answers. Still, everyone feels they know what to do. I receive requests daily to review many of these ideas in my blogs. I do not have the answers, but “what to do” will be found with AAHomecare and your state DME Association.

As I have tried to point out often, a significant number of DME/HME providers are still not dues paying members of the associations who have the answers. With everything that has to be changed, there is a need for sufficient funds to achieve accomplishments.

If you are not a member of your state DME association and AAHomecare, please become one now. The HME Audit Key is just one of a myriad of legislation hanging over your head.

You can make a difference. You, as a DME dealer in your community, know your competitors. Make them your allies. They face the same difficulties you do, but when working as a team, together you can get positive results.

I have seen this done successfully in other industries as well as in DME/HME. If every member of the associations will pick up the telephone and invite each of their competitors to join both the state association and AAH, this will make a huge difference.

They know who your company is, where you are located, and will be very pleased to hear your request. If each reader of this blog picks up the phone and asks them to join forces with you and the associations, they will respond. They, too, have exactly the same mountains to cross. They, too, are watching profits decrease and have the same fears. Your invitation will be affirmed and you will both benefit.

Dr. Seuss: “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way.”

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