Friday, November 7, 2014


The votes have been counted. We will have a different Congress next year, basically all one party: Republican. However, there are still a few things we can accomplish STAT. There are bills pending, each of which, when passed, will affect DME (and they are neither Republican nor Democrat). They are all common sense bills and will benefit the entire population.

Congress will be in session for a few scant weeks before the newly elected or re-elected are sworn in. I will list the pending legislation here, although I am sure you know them. This is the time for action. 

The future of our industry can be secured if we all will do the following:
  1. Contact any congressman who has not been re-elected. Ask for support to get the bills listed below out of committee and passed. They will be there for another few weeks and have the power to do that. Be sure they understand the beneficiaries of this are senior citizens as well as the ill and the needy.
  2. Contact the newly elected congressmen with the same request. Call their local office and ask for the HLA (health legislative assistant) or the office manager, if they are newly elected.
Do this as soon as possible. Get the name and telephone number of who will be your contact. You will be one of the first to make this request and you will now have both someone to carry your message and a friend to stay in contact with.

I still have folks in many offices that I befriended years ago and you too will develop the same valuable resources.

The bills pending are:

For more information and literature, please contact your sate DME Association or AAHomecare. They will very cheerfully provide the tools you require to take action. When we all work together and make these calls, I know that our industry will be able to serve all of those in need!

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