Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Solving Our Problem

Jay Witter, AAHomecare: “It may seem like the industry isn’t making any progress on resolving its myriad issues, but this is not the problem.”

Our industry is so fortunate to have people like Jay, who care, as leaders. It is such a privilege to work with him and AAH as we are scrambling out of a difficult situation. Jay and all of the AAH team are showing DME/HME dealers the way to remain successful. They get very good co-operation from their members, but that is insufficient.

Far too many dealers have not “enlisted” yet and they need more troops and more dollars to be able to meet all their goals.

I am sure everyone is aware that I am a retired pharmacist. When I ran my pharmacies, we belonged to both national associations as well as the state and county ones. We considered the cost of membership, including going to meetings and conventions, as a part of running our company. Our accountant agreed!

The guidance and other benefits garnered from these memberships contributed to our success. The ROI from this was that now, in my late 80s, I am able to participate with all of you and ask you to do the same.

Jay is correct! That’s not the “problem”. The problem is they need many more “dues paying members!” The holidays are almost here. As a gift to yourself, contact friends and competitors to get on board. If every current member will just get one new member before the New Year, membership will double and the future of the industry will be insured.

Thank you.

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