Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Create New Sales – Part 2

Promotions should always be directed to your clientele. There are many simple ways of doing this and I shall try to touch on several.

An advertisement in your local newspaper, a sign posted on the store window, a radio, e-mail, TV announcement, or simply a USPS mailer are all ways deliver your message.

Sometimes you may want to develop a niche market, and an expensive general advertisement can be a shotgun blast that could miss the target. Perhaps it is a specialty for the elderly or new parents, athletes, women, diabetics, or healthcare professionals. All take a slightly different approach, and when you partner with the specific vendor, you will achieve success.

Develop a format and try to be consistent with your communication. Once people recognize your pattern, half the battle has been accomplished. This becomes name recognition, and that, in a very competitive market, is very important. “Jack’s Home Health Care” needs its own logo and this becomes their trademark. Once people see it on every piece of literature, in the showroom, on the signage or in the mail, it gains recognition.

A suggestion that will help gain your company name recognition is to indicate that you are an integral partner in the industry! e.g.:

Member Alaska State Durable Medical Association
Member American Homecare Association
Address & Telephone

*Your picture or one of the front of the store is always good.

Simply stated this will become part of your logo! You should be very proud of these affiliations. They provide stature. At Medtrade in Orlando you will discover sufficient new ideas to build sales and profits. Use promo code MTShelly when you register for Medtrade to get a free Expo pass.      

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