Monday, September 2, 2013

Things You Can Do

There are so many easy things that every DME/HME dealer can easily do to help keep their business growing.

The obvious is marketing! We have tried, via this blog, to provide new program ideas and remind you of other effective means, which have proven very successful. One of the first ones that stands out is to hold an “OPEN HOUSE” in co-operation with your preferred vendors. I bring this up for discussion first because we are only a few weeks away from the major Medtrade in Orlando. Medtrade is the place where you will find opportunities.

A number of very successful dealers I know tell me that they try to do an Open House in their showroom at least once every two months. Some of these have attracted such a large audience that they have had to start holding them at a local school or church where they had access to larger space.

Some examples are with blood pressure monitors. Your primary source will work with you, bring lots of handouts, take everyone's BP, and often two dozen or more units were sold at the Open House alone. The same can be done with many different OTC cash sales items. Speak with your vendors at Medtrade; they will be delighted to set dates and work with you.

There will be a large number of new items for your attention at the Exhibition. Examine every item displayed in the New Product Pavilion. Recently I heard from a gentleman who sells clothing. His are inexpensive, easy to wash, and designed for the elderly. Certainly different, and I anticipate seeing many new items such as these in Orlando at Medtrade.

Don't forget to use promotional code MTShelly to get a Free Expo Pass when you register for Medtrade, if you have not done so already. Early Bird Rates are available until this Friday, September 6th.

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