Monday, September 16, 2013


When it became the law, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) legislation opened up many new doors. Nursing home sales beckoned, hospitals became a market which could be “cherry picked,” industry could be serviced, and selling to clinics and physicians would now be considered an opportunity. Get a copy of the legislation, underline some items, and give it to your outside salesperson. A great tool! Any legislation aimed for the general public well-being should be utilized to build sales.

Some DME providers are allowing excellent employees to leave and then watch all the knowledge they have about your company walk out the door. A few months ago I spoke to an old friend, whose bid was rejected as “too high”. She told me what her company did.

This entrepreneur sat down with two of her salespeople and told them they had to carry the ball and score if the company was to survive. She had NO intention of asking them to leave. They spoke about the market and found so many potential areas for sales that the salespeople could hardly wait to start. She went a step further and called on all her manufacturer reps for help. They offered to ride “shot gun” with the salespeople and show them how best to sell their products. They also did “Dog & Pony” classes for the inside staff.

Did this work? I was told that in the first two months they were on the road, sales had increased by close to 15%. She brought both salespeople to Las Vegas for Medtrade and is bringing them again to the Fall Medtrade in Orlando. Her salespeople use their copy of the ADA act as a Sales Bible.

Innovation will help move your company up a notch!

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