Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fed Up With Medicare?

Every DME/HME provider hears this constantly from their clientele: We are fed up with Medicare! They complain to their local dealer, and/or are often obliged to obtain their supplies elsewhere.

If this isn't a travesty, what is? Medicare was originally set up to be a service allowing patients to obtain supplies from their preferred LOCAL vendor. Prices were affixed and were fair. But when a patient in Melbourne is forced to go to Orlando, about 50 miles away, to get their supplies, do they make the journey or do without?

Local Dealer Does His Part to Collect Complains from Clientele

So, a local dealer placed this sign in his store in response to our industry's current situation. Yes, it gets attention. He is gathering complaints from beneficiaries to bring to the attention of his Congressman, CMS and Medicare.

Please do whatever you can to gather all these complaints and bring them to Congress.

Thank you.

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