Friday, September 27, 2013

I Did It

Here is a list of things that every DME/HME provider or dealer should already have done - If not, please do so now. Tell me that:
1.)  I have obtained my admission to the Medtrade Exhibition and Convention in Orlando, October  8-10, at the Orange County Convention Center. I will see you there!
2.) I am a dues paying member of AAHomecare.
3.) I am active in my state DME association.
I will leave this as a short list, just the above three items.

When I speak with the officers and team members at AAHomecare and to the various professionals who head up the state DME associations, it becomes crystal clear. The obstacle is that there are not a sufficient number of DME/HMEs who are dues paying members.

Since I am a COC (cantankerous old curmudgeon), I decided to call several DME dealers in various parts of the U.S. When informed they were members of either or both, I thanked them and asked for the telephone number of another dealer.

None of the others hung up on me. It seemed they recognized my name and I heard basically the same two complaints:
a.)  We cannot afford the annual dues.
b.)  What have they accomplished? We still have the Competitive Bid to live with.

When I pointed out how much the state associations and AAHomecare with their dues paying members have already successfully accomplished, they listened. I then explained how effective they would be with everyone’s support. They did promise to look into this differently. The fear of being forced out of business is hanging over their heads. It is hanging over all of us.

Please, if you are a member, contact all the other DME/HME dealers in your market. This has proven to be the most effective way I know to build membership. You know who they are and you understand all local difficulties that have to be addressed.

Call me to say “Shelly, I did it.” Send me an e-mail ( Please tell me the name and address of the “new” team player. If you got a negative answer, send me their address. Let’s see if we (you and I) can start the ball rolling!

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