Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tempus Fugit

Time flies!

As an industry, we have to roll up our sleeves and make every effort possible to get HR1717, the Medicare DMEPOS Market Pricing Program Act of 2013 out of committee and passed. If it is not, then 2014 will be another frustrating year for DME/HME providers and dealers. If we want to remain solvent, we have to act now and act in unison. There are only a few months left in 2013 and Tempus Fugit!

AAHomecare, the state DME associations, the manufacturers, the buying groups, and the industry publications are doing everything possible to get 100% support from our entire industry.

It will soon be too late to eliminate the existing legislation which we know as the “COMPETITIVE BID.” How are the beneficiaries fairing? Throughout the country they have to go to many different locations to get their supplies. Some as far as another state. We have an extremely long list of the complaints.

What are you doing to help get HR1717 passed? Too many of you are doing nothing! We all must finance these efforts, or your company may face oblivion. Write your checks and send as much as possible ($200, $300, $500, or more) to both your state DME association and AAHomecare. Take action TODAY!

IT IS VITAL that they get your support, because I fear that if they don't, we will see far too many friends and associates disappear.

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