Thursday, September 12, 2013

Letter to Congressman Posey

Here is the letter I just wrote to Congressman Posey, who represents Florida's 8th District. You can absolutely do the same. Each letter, each call, each show of support for our cause makes a difference.

September 10, 2013
The Honorable Bill Posey,  U.S. House of Representatives

Dear Bill:

We really were delighted to receive your message, "Re: “Government Spending Accountability Act”. When I was in business, if I had run things the same way Washington does, I would have been unable to retire (I am in my 87th year), and I would have ended up bankrupt. We can’t allow this to happen to the USA.

I promise to support HR 313 to the best of my ability, and I will get all my associates to do the same. When I realize how many dollars are spent for Government Conferences, I am appalled. Since all of these could be held in DC, not at fancy resorts, how much money would have been saved?

Just what was spent by agencies seeking private sector expenses (only $340 million) would have gone a great deal further if those dollars were spent to fight fraud and abuse in health care. IRS, Las Vegas, and many of the other “conferences” should not be at expensive hotels or other fancy locations when there are so many other less costly arenas to hold them.

Two members of your staff (Ms. Gillespie and Mr. Gavin) will be attending our special “coffee break” during the Medtrade Exhibition inOrlando. To minimize double costs, many industry associations hold their meetings during Medtrade. This assures better attendance and saves mega-dollars.

I just want to say THANK YOU for your support of the MPP Bill (HR1717) and I will notify all of our “team” to get involved and support you as our Congressman, one who cares about all the citizens of District 8!

Very truly yours,



  1. Mr. Prial,

    May I use this letter as a template to send to Ted Poe and Michael McCaul of Texas?

  2. Of course! Use my letter as a guide, and make it say what you need it to for your specific instance (change the district number, names, personal details, etc.).

    Best of luck, and thank you!


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