Friday, September 13, 2013

Stay in Business

As we look around, we see many things happening which impact the home health care business. It seems as if CMS and Medicare think they can balance their budget by reducing reimbursements to DME/HME providers. All they will reduce is the number of dealers who provide superb service while dramatically increasing the difficulties of the beneficiaries trying to obtain their supplies.

I have to assume the officials of CMS and Medicare do not read the newspapers. If they did, they would see how much money is being siphoned out of the system by hospitals, clinics, physicians and so many others. I almost never ever see a DME/HME provider involved in any of this fraud. Nobody is really sure of how home care supplies will be dispensed in the next few years, or how managed care in any guise will affect our ability to exist.

Are we all ostriches, just burying our heads in the sand and hoping for something good to happen? Or are we entrepreneurs who will seek those opportunities which will enable us to flourish despite any changes in the market that may occur?

But, changes do not just happen. You cannot sit back and wait to see what tomorrow will bring. I assure you the companies and people who are harvesting the crop of dollars from Medicare, etc., are busy working diligently to make sure they keep what they have.

I write this with tears in my eyes because no matter how hard the state DME associations and AAHomecare work to get everyone on board and get the MPP bill passed, we still have NOT reached the number of signed Congressmen to have that accomplished.

PLEASE participate in the “Stand Up for Homecare” reception at Medtrade, Tuesday evening! Meet Tom Ryan, AAHomecare's new President and CEO. Let him know that he has universal support from all DME/HME dealers and providers.

If for any reason you are unable to attend Medtrade, then please write a $200 check payable to the STOP COMPETITIVE BIDDING FUND*. That small pittance, when added together with all the funds being raised, will be an investment to keep you in business. Isn't that a good ROI? "Staying in business?"

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