Thursday, September 5, 2013

EMT Cash Sales

“Sales to EMT Squads.” Locating EMT squads is not difficult. There are volunteer ambulance services throughout the country. Every hamlet, village and city has people who will respond when there is an accident or a need. Every police and fire department in the country has trained EMT personnel. Universities, colleges, and schools all have people who can respond to an emergency and that are trained for most contingencies.
OSHA has mandated that large companies and other places where people gather, such as arenas and stadiums, all be prepared for any occurrence. Many of them will have emergency trained personnel, nurses, or EMTs available. There are EMTs just waiting to see you.
Where do these squads currently obtain their supplies? Most of them buy from mail order companies. They send a catalog, including order forms with a place for a credit card number or for a check with order. The freight terms are on the order form, so they collect their dollars before the items are shipped. Neat, isn't that? The negative result is that you have allowed this business to slip away from your company. Fortunately, this loss can be recovered easily with a little effort.
Most dealers offer respiratory therapy as a standard discipline. Everything that you normally stock for the RT department is usually the same as used by an EMT. There are very few items that you will need to add to your inventory. As your sales become more sophisticated, you will find yourself stocking many more items, which means you have developed another niche for your company. 
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