Friday, July 25, 2014

Audit Reform

I am very excited by the response of many DME/HME providers supporting AAHomecare as they lead the industry to bring about Audit Reform. All I can say is, “THANK YOU.”

When I speak with providers, they know what should be done and have ideas on how to better things for the average dealer. I hear accolades about what AAHomecare and Tom Ryan will accomplish with their Audit Reform program. The last few weeks, when I made phone calls to several dealers just to see if that dealer sent a check in support of AAH, I didn’t even have to ask. I heard an immediate “Yes, I did,” or, “I will."  The important thing is not any one of them said “No.” Isn’t this reassuring?

I also like to ask if they are planning to attend Medtrade in Atlanta this fall. To me there is nothing more valuable to a DME/HME dealer than Medtrade! Let’s have a full house!

“Audit Reform.” At Medtrade, we as an industry, must assure AAHomecare and the state DME associations that they have 100% support from providers. I hope to speak to as many exhibitors as possible asking for their support; however, I am very sure that many of them have already pledged and given support.

Your role now is to make your plans for the balance of the year. When you enter the showroom at Medtrade, take notice of how brightly lit it is. You have to do the same thing in your showroom! Shoppers like to see everything clearly, and they also want to see a price tag on every item on display.

When I was a teenager and went shopping with my grandparents (my job was to carry the purchases), they never picked up an item without a price tag on it. This has never changed. Make it easy to shop and watch how customers pick up what they need (or want).

I realize that I drifted away from the topic of Audit Reform. At Medtrade, this will be the primary discussion and also the most important. Please make every effort to participate in the “Stand Up for Homecare” meeting with AAHomecare. I look forward to seeing many friends and sharing a glass of wine. The future for all of us rests with 100% support for AAHomecare and Audit Reform.

If you have not yet registered for Medtrade, use the promotional code 20SOCIAL when you register to save $20 on the Conference.

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