Wednesday, July 30, 2014


HME/DME providers are fortunate to have people of very high quality and standards as the leaders of our state associations and AAHomecare. The amount of time they give to their members cannot be measured. As I read the e-mails that many send to me, I see one thing that is impossible to buy - CARE! They really care for each member.

When I review the materials that I have received from Karyn Estrella (HOMES), Rose Schafhauser (MAMES), Beth Bowen (NCAMES), Mike Hamilton (ADMEA), Rick Stevens (WVMESA), just to name only a few, I am so impressed by the high quality of the work they provide their members. There are more than 40 state associations and there is no way I can fully describe how much these “leaders” do for their members. They care, and must be thanked by their members and all of our industry.

Yes, they care! They work with great dedication for their members and accomplish so much. When I speak with any of these leaders, the obligation they demonstrate for all their members is strong. Wouldn’t it be nice if our elected congressmen followed their example?

If you currently are not a member of your state DME association, please join STAT. I have the telephone number and address for each and will gladly give it to you (please call me at: 

Several things happen when you join. Perhaps the most important is that you will strengthen your company by working with them! Together you will help get the pending legislation out of committee and to the floor to be passed. If not, your company and many others may be forced to close their doors. We cannot allow this to happen!

With more members, the leaders, whose salaries are meager and not compensative to their performance, will be able to be better rewarded. They all work for you with such dedication!

Medtrade is rapidly approaching. There, you will meet many state association officers. Join now and make an appointment to meet them in Atlanta. With the industry under so much pressure, it is imperative that you both join your state association and follow up by attending Medtrade. Thelma and I will be there!
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