Friday, July 11, 2014

Basic Business

I want to say “thank you” to those readers who never hesitate to call me (321-259-7127) or to send me an e-mail ( I really appreciate all their comments. I love to hear from each of you. I occasionally receive a pat on the back but it is the others, which are more important. This is how I find out what you want to know. Please keep them coming!!!

A few weeks ago, I received three e-mails that were seeking the same answer. Basically, I have heard the same concern: “Things are very quiet right now, and my staff keeps looking over their shoulders to see who will have to go.”

When a negative is felt, such as the possible loss of a job, it can destroy a company. It must be addressed AT ONCE. When I spoke with each principal, I received a similar answer. They do NOT want to lose any employees!

I suggested they hold a staff meeting and have their accountant present. Ask him to speak first to assure everyone the company is in good shape! Yes, sales have leveled off but he made it a point to see that their jobs were secured!

I have always recommended their salesmen make outside calls to accounts they know and solicit new ones. I suggest these salespeople be “on the road” two days a week. By doing this, you should be able to keep enough people on the showroom floor. Approaching this problem correctly will bring you positive results. These dealers told me making this change worked.

At the Fall Medtrade in Atlanta, you will find many new opportunities. Every indication is that this year will be the largest and most critical Medtrade ever! Vendors, along with many new companies, have already taken booths. Make your reservations now and plan to bring some sales people with you. This will be a “win-win" trip for your business.
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