Monday, July 14, 2014

More OTC Cash Sales

I have always made it a priority to write about OTC cash sales. I try to send at least one blog per month on this topic. What I do enjoy is the response and interest I receive from readers. Since the reimbursement issues and other problems with Medicare, the need for new sources of income is on everyone’s list. Let us address it.

In HME News and HomeCare Magazine there are usually articles about entrepreneurs who have successfully developed OTC cash sales. You must read these! At the Medtrade Exhibition there will be many speakers who cover this topic. Be sure you study the huge list of classes to attend for you and your staff members.

I am very proud to say that I have been fortunate enough to attend every Medtrade! When I was a dealer, I chose two employees to come with us. We sat down and reviewed every lecture that we wanted to attend. We returned home with pages of notes to share with everyone.

On the exhibition floor, we each made it very important to visit those booths offering products which complimented the lectures. Returning home after the show was so much fun. All four of us wanted to share with each other what we saw; the new products, or how to expand purchases from our current vendors.

When our accountant saw how little the cost was to have all of us attend, and the fantastic ROI it developed, he was very pleased. He showed how after each return from a Medtrade Exhibition, our sales and profits increased. I am sure that many of you will tell me the same.

I am addressing this to those DME/HME dealers who hesitate to make this investment. The Medtrade Exhibitions are where you will meet your peers, vendors, and the associated organizations. There you will speak with AAHomecare, the buying groups, our industry's publications, and the other related industries. Talk to your employees, make your reservations now, and earn the ROI that is available.

There is nothing that can do as much for your company as MEDTRADE!

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