Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fourth of July

I am writing this today (on the fourth of July) and when it arrives at your screen, the celebrations will long be over! The excitement of this “holiday” is something we all enjoy and I want this enthusiasm and pleasure to always stay with you.

The time has come to make some dramatic changes in how your company does business! Maintain the smile that you had while watching the firework displays. Then, every morning when you open the doors, greet everyone with that beautiful smile and a warm greeting. It is amazing how far this can go, because if every employee does the same, so will your customers!

There is a song where the opening line is, “You got to start off each day with a smile!” Be sure that every employee does the same. When the telephone is answered, the caller should hear those same cheerful words.

What I enjoy most on the Fourth of July is hearing the many songs we all know so well. Each year the festivities invariably close with “God Bless America.” My Rotary Club normally opens each meeting with Irving Berlin’s gift to America.

Another thing you should do is ask each employee for ideas that would help build more sales. Over the many years I was a “retailer,” I found that when asked, a staff member would always have an excellent idea.

When these ideas went well, that person received a prize (usually dinner at one of the local restaurants). Yes, it works! When you realize that your showroom projects the positive attitude you experienced on the fourth of July, you will see a difference in your sales numbers as well.

Let us all aim to make Medtrade Fall in Atlanta (October 20-23) another FOURTH OF JULY celebration.

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