Friday, July 18, 2014

We Need You

We are at a crossroads.
We need the full support of every DME/HME dealer and provider in the United States. I want you to protect your company as well as our industry!

The American Association for Homecare (AAH) is one of the finest professional organizations in the United States. Tom Ryan, President, and his staff have taken the lead in this battle to protect those within our industry from being forced to close their doors by faulty or inadequate legislation.

Some of things being proposed by Congress will only make things more difficult and will not resolve anything. Your patients, customers, and family caregivers may find that they will have to travel far and wide to get supplies and care. The entire industry, every vendor, manufacturer, or wholesaler face the same future.

As the president of AAH, Tom Ryan has accepted this challenge! He has the support of the state DME associations, most of the vendors, and just about everyone who participated in “Stand Up for Homecare” at the Medtrade Exhibitions.

AAHomecare is leading the way.

To succeed, AAH needs adequate funds. This battle is not a one-day affair. It is a win or lose situation. Every facet of the health care industry is at stake! The way things are today, too many dealers may be forced to close their doors. If vendors and manufacturers have fewer dealers, will they stay solvent? A negative result is that many sick and bedridden patients will have to be hospitalized. This would be a disaster! We cannot allow it to happen.

I humbly ask everyone in our industry to share this expense with them. AAH will need a great deal of funds to fight this battle.

I ask you to mail AAH your check, and then set up a regular schedule. AAH will succeed; they must succeed! The funds you will be sending are to protect your company, your family, all your employees and customers. Sit down with your accountant and set up a program. This is an important expense. These investments will help insure you will remain in business.

I shudder when I think about a tomorrow without DME/HME.
If AAH fails in their efforts, where will you be?

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