Monday, July 28, 2014

Thank You

The last few weeks have been very exciting. I am watching how many DME/HME dealers have recognized that they must all work in tandem to continue to exist! Yes, it is happening!

I receive copies of the memos from many state DME associations, and I cannot find a sufficient number of words to express how impressed I am by what they are accomplishing. They have made every attempt to ask their congressmen to support our industry, and the results are fantastic. The congressmen are signing on! We must reach the number of supporters necessary to get the necessary legislation out of committee and on to the floor to be passed. So it's time to get on the bandwagon with your state DME association and work. Then, we will succeed.

Our industry has to appeal to their congressmen, but not with dollars, to get cooperation. Do it by explaining that they are speaking for all the people in their community, not as Democrats or as Republicans, but as American citizens.

I think the time has come when ALL elected officials can understand their first and primary task is to represent every American.

I am appalled when the newspapers report how little the last few Congresses have accomplished. I listen to all the commentators on TV and radio also reporting the same. The congress is divided into two parties and as a consequence, they do nothing. Why do we bother to elect these politicians?

I know that "a new broom sweeps clean"; therefore, it is time for a change! Let us elect congressmen who will care for their constituents first. THANK YOU!
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