Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Why not?"

This morning, Thelma and I were discussing the pending Medtrade Exhibition in Atlanta (10/20-10/23). Although we no longer are retail dealers, we still look back and see how many wonderful ideas and programs we discovered at these beautiful spectacles. There value of attendance at Medtrade simply cannot be measured. I say, “Thank you,” to Medtrade, because after each show, we have always returned home filled with new ideas.

Invariably we brought one or two employees with us. They earned that privilege! I cannot think of any investments we made that ever had a better ROI. The cost of inviting a member of your staff is almost negligible, because when they return home, so much more is added to your annual growth, including of course, increased profits.

So I ask you, why not invest in one or two of your employees?

There were a few comments made recently about the “HME Audit Key” program introduced by AAHomecare. This is an effort that MUST be supported. Every DME/HME dealer will benefit when Tom Ryan (President, AAH) brings this to fruition. That being the case, I ask that every DME/HME provider send them a check to support this.

I actually want you all to do more than just send money: Why not become a dues paying member? Belonging will guarantee that your company will not be forced out of business.

Don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish”! The few dollars it costs to become a member of AAH and your state association, when compared to how much it will cost when you are obliged to close your company, is negligible. 

Thelma and I are looking forward to the Fall Medtrade Exhibition. Each year, we received a fantastic ROI, and so can you.

So why not register today and start building your future?

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