Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dress Code

What a difference a dress code can make! In a previous blog we wrote about providing your staff with jackets. Your company logo and the name of the employee are all that should be on the jacket. This modest expense is one with a great ROI.

Whatever you can do to make your store a focal point in the community is vital. The first impression a customer gets when they enter your showroom makes a big difference. It must be appropriate and positive. When a customer can clearly identify the salesperson’s name, the first step is taken. When your salesperson knows the client, that is fine, however if they do not know them, they must greet them with a simple, "May I help you?"

I received a message from a DME/HME dealer reminding me of a talk I gave at a Medtrade exhibition. This dealer, as do many others, provides all his staff with jackets. He sees to it that everyone on his staff, whether a delivery person or house sales employee, wears the company jacket. His company is a very successful operation, and he feels this dress code has contributed greatly to their success.
A good friend in upstate New York told me he saw a neighbor receiving oxygen equipment from another company. Those installation technicians looked like truck drivers, not at all professional. The last person a customer sees from your company is what remains in their memory. This dealer sees to it that his delivery people dress as well as the employees in the showroom.

Your showroom must be conducive to invite the customer to shop. I have often mentioned a few other ways to make your showroom the magnet it should be. I also recommend bright lights, signage, and of course, prices displayed on all merchandise. Most people will not purchase an item that does not have a price affixed. Would you?

Please be sure there are no dark corners. Everything should be bright and cheerful! Signs identifying every department should also be visible.

A good dress code puts your clientele at ease when they shop. You will hear this repeated in nearly every seminar and lecture on marketing at Medtrade in Atlanta this October 20-23. The show will be here before you know it - Have you registered yet? Use the promo code, SHELLY to get your Free Expo Pass at registration. I'll see you there!

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