Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Make Things Happen!

There are so many things pending for DME/HME dealers, but the days seem to be racing by before we see any action. I could prepare a long list of the problems that have to be addressed, but that really means very little. We need action, not lists!

Congress has been called back to DC to get some legislation passed. Unfortunately, we have a divided Congress. The threat of another war is hanging over everyone! We have to pray that they can resolve this. However, working to get things done is far better than sitting and waiting.

Our industry is also in a dire strait. We must also get some bills passed, and unless our congressmen are contacted, they will not respond. This being the case, it is imperative that DME/HME dealers call their congressmen to notify them of our need and spur them into action. HR 4920 and HR 5083 need to be brought to the floor and voted in. With all the confusion in DC, congressmen will listen to their electorate when told how much this affects the members of their districts.

In a very few weeks, the industry will be gathering in Atlanta for Medtrade. This is where answers will be found! We have this opportunity to really band together and make a very strong impression on our Congressmen.

At all times, we have to remind these politicians that they represent all of the people in their district, and this includes the patients, the family caregivers and all the professionals involved in health care. We all vote, and it's votes they will need to maintain their offices! We must make things happen!
When you travel to Atlanta for Medtrade this October, bring with you as many members of your “team” as possible. Instead of asking what’s happening, let us make things happen!
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