Thursday, September 4, 2014

Job Description - Part 2

Your chat with each employee has to be maintained on a very high level. This is not to be seen as a “fault finding” discussion. Many DME/HME principals have told me that they were always surprised (pleasantly) when they heard how much their employees understood about the operation.

Don’t sell them short! When you hear this, please thank your employees because they are more than just a “hired hand”; they are the very heart of your company.

Now you can prepare an excellent job description, one which will empower that employee to use their strengths and fulfill your needs. You will always be delighted when you recognize how much they will be able to contribute.

When employees are fully aware of their job description and then do a superb job, this must be acknowledged. Often an employee will do more than their job descriptions and they pitch in with all tasks. This must be recognized. When they work for you as if they were your “partner”, it must be rewarded.

Armed with what your employees have told you, and recognizing their strengths, you can really develop an appropriate “job description.” There always has to be goals and, when achieved, rewards.

There are many nice things you can do. Tickets to a show and dinner for two at an excellent restaurant, or a parking space with their name on it; these are always well received. If something excellent is done, a salary increase should be awarded. One DME/HME dealer told me his wife prepares a special dinner for the employee and their spouse at his home. The competition for this is fierce.

Good job descriptions lead to more satisfied employees, and the business flourishes!

Please tell me about some of the ideas that you have used in the past so that I can share them with others on the blog. You can reach me by calling 321-255-3885.

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