Friday, September 5, 2014


Gridlock: A traffic jam in which no vehicle can move in either direction. (Webster’s Dictionary)
Oh my, doesn’t this sound like our congress?

Who in Washington D.C. is in charge? The senate has about 100 members, the house perhaps 525 congressmen. Certainly they should be able to introduce and pass new bills and better legislation. They have the power to resolve many problems.

But the last few congresses have not responded to the needs of any of their electorate. They do not really even speak with one another. Democrats and Republicans have become very stubborn, and they only vote for “their” party’s legislation. “Why give a damn about the folks at home,” seems to be what they are saying.

The president is not a dictator, and that is why our country has survived. But how much longer can this continue before something even more serious happens? I think of Germany in the early 1930s. Need I say more?

Our industry put forth a great deal of effort last year, and the year before, to get some important legislation out of committee. Two years ago, if we had been successful, the competitive bid legislation would have been changed. We failed!

We started all over last year and rolled up our sleeves. DME/HME dealers, AAHomecare, and the state associations worked even harder, and unfortunately we fell short again. Once again we were unable to get the pending legislation out of committee.

This year may be our last chance, and so we have no other choice. We MUST put all of our strength into getting new legislation passed.

I have a warm feeling that with the efforts of our entire industry, following the lead by Tom Ryan (AAHomecare) we might be able to get this accomplished before Medtrade in October.


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