Friday, September 26, 2014

HME News

The Editor of HME News, Ms. Liz Beaulieu, sent a general news e-mail on Friday, 9/12, referring to the HME NewsPolls. Since I am no longer a dealer, I do not participate in them, but I find it difficult to wait until the results of these are published.

The responses they received to the CMS offer to settle pending appeals as an exchange partial payment, which in my humble opinion is absolutely the wrong solution for dealers, spoke volumes. The dealers said “No” to CMS. Our industry cannot afford ANY further reductions in reimbursements. I am embarrassed about the attitude that CMS takes.

DME/HME providers submit bills for the work they do and the products they provide, but none for any of the pro-bono services that come with their work! These are all hard-working people whose livelihood and that of their employees depend on prompt payments for their services.

The response from the industry was “No, thank you!” I cannot imagine that CMS would ask for an additional discount of 32 percent - Outrageous! How little profit there is and yet the DME/HME providers still worry more about their customers and continue to give the good care that they always have.

Medtrade will be here sooner than you realize. The most important things today are that we make our voices heard. AAHomecare, the State DME Associations, the buying groups and affiliated associations are all becoming ONE voice! When we fight together, well organized, we will show CMS that we must be reimbursed with fair settlements.

We have to pursue other changes, such as licensure, which will keep out the “bad guys,” to make things happen. Please follow the lead of our industry publications, AAHomecare, as well as the state associations, VGM, and all the providers and dealers who have so much at stake! They will ALL be in Atlanta 10/21-10/23. BE THERE!
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