Monday, September 22, 2014


Can you put a true value to your company?

When I picture a typical DME/HME dealer, this is what comes to mind:

Your family has been making a good living from your company! The many customers who enjoy shopping at your store appreciate everything you supply to them as well as all the pro-bono benefits you give. Your entire staff shares in this! The family caregivers who shop for Mom or Dad know how important your services are, and they say “thank you” every time they see you.

DME/HME is your profession, and you are very proud of your operation and every thing that bears your name. But you and your peers are under attack, not for what you perform but because a very bad element has us draining out funds and creating havoc.

To help protect the future of this typical DME/HME dealer (and many of you are a match for my above description), here are several things that you should do. These blogs have made our position rather clear: There must be a way of licensing DME/HME providers. After all, we are dealing with sick and bedridden patients. Licensure is one viable solution.

Another answer is to get legislation passed (H.R.4920 and H.R.5083), or the future may become NIL for all. As we have reported, similar bills, both last year and the year before, never got out of committee.

Why did that happen? Did everyone work as hard as they could to get results? The state DME associations are contacting every congressman in their states to encourage them to get on board. They are having excellent success, but Tempus Fugit.

We now have a leader with Tom Ryan, President of AAHomecare. If we all get behind him, DME/HME dealers, manufacturers, vendors, industry associations, we will win. He is leading us, and is trying to raise sufficient support to bring these efforts to a successful conclusion.

Consider the value of your company. The decision to communicate with your state association and AAHomecare, and pay the necessary dues, is one worth making! If we do not win, what will happen to your company? Its value will disappear, and so will everything you have worked so hard to protect.

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