Thursday, September 11, 2014

Six Four Eighteen

At the Medtrade Exhibition this fall in Atlanta, you can participate in a fantastic program, “6-4-18”, at a very modest cost.

You must register to attend these sessions, and I recommend that you do. There will be six classes presented, held over three days, exclusively to provide you with vital information designed to prepare you for the coming eighteen months. Space is limited, so when you register be sure to sign on for the 6-4-18 Seminars. The cost is a humble $49.00! What a small sum for such a superb program.
The 6-4-18 Series includes the following topics:

Wayne Grau; Jim Howle - Diversifying Your Revenue Sources: Looking Beyond Medicare

Wayne van Halem - Audits: A State of Confusion

Miriam Lieber - Leader As Role Models: The Key to Success in Today’s HME Environment

Jim Greatorex - The Best New HME Retail/Cash Opportunities

Mark Higley; Alan Morris; Jill Eckenrod - Outcomes-Based Growth: How Market Forces are Changing the Way HMEs are Growing Their Core Business

Michael Sperduti - The Elephant Man Married a Super Model! The Philosophy and Strategy to Achieving Big Goals Winning New Patient Referrals and Dominating Your Market.

I have had the good fortune to attend every Medtrade so far, and I can honesty say that I have never seen so many great opportunities for DME/HME companies. Register so you can attend these six hand-selected seminars as well as choosing from the vast number of other conference sessions that are being presented.  Please consider bringing as many of your “team” as possible. The cost for each will have an ROI far more than you can imagine.

When I had my DME, I always took my sales people, including my purchasing agent. This investment helped my company grow much more quickly that I anticipated. My team returned each year filled with new ideas. Yes, it really works! Please do the same.

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