Monday, March 16, 2015


It does not make any difference, we all face AGING! Is this a problem? No, it certainly is not! I am now in my 88th year. I am still as active as always, the one difference being that now I work from home!

The truth is that we all will age. As this happens, we learn more and more. Many of us share our knowledge with others. Take a moment to think back to only ten years ago. What a difference! As we are aging, the world is rapidly moving forward. This is exciting!

Every day we read about opportunities and programs that are different. In reality, they make the world grow. Every day, in every way, things are expanding. We are all aging! But we also are learning how to make changes to benefit from this.

DME/HME dealers have developed from single person locations into an industry. This happened over a rather short period. Perhaps the first step towards that was the meeting in Atlanta some 30 odd years ago, which developed into the Medtrade Exhibitions. This is progress!

Medtrade has developed into the most important place to secure your future! Twice a year, once in Las Vegas, and then at the Atlanta meeting, we all gather together. Where else can you meet and work with both the vendors and your peers?

Then, of course, are the high caliber lectures and workshops. Every day is filled with DME/HME providers and dealers trying to attend as many as possible. It seems that more and more dealers today are bringing key employees so as not to miss any seminars.

Yes, we are aging, but I really think that what we are doing is becoming more aware of the many available opportunities. Take advantage of this, and watch your company grow!

This year at the pending Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas you will meet a great number of new exhibitors. Be sure to visit as many as possible!
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