Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HME Retail Product Awards

The best reward from any new product is its ability to help create new sales.
The opportunity to see many new products will be found at Medtrade Spring. These items will be found in the simply identified “New Products Pavilion.” I prefer to call this the new “opportunities” pavilion, which are being presented for DME/HME providers.
Probably the most important booths for dealers to visit at Medtrade Spring are those which offer OTC cash sale opportunities. “Seek and ye shall find.” They are there, staring you in the face. Don’t walk by; stop and learn!

When I was a dealer, I always returned from the Medtrade meetings with new products which fit into my operation. Not only did I place orders, but I also set appointments for their sales people to do a “dog & pony” session with the staff.

After the sales team reviewed all their products and gave our team new ideas on how to demonstrate each new product, we went a few steps further. We asked our outside salespeople to arranged appointments and make joint calls with the manufacturer's rep.

This is such an easy program to arrange, and it also creates a great return on your investment (ROI).

As our sales grew, many other manufacturers were asking us to allow them to do the same. I am very proud to say that our company really had the best-trained salespeople.

Do this with all the new products you offer, and also repeat this with other companies that have the potential to grow even larger. Earn the reward of new profit from offering new products to your clientele.
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