Monday, March 30, 2015


You may call your clientele “customers”. After all, that is who they are! Some of the more active DME/HME dealers I know prefer to use the term “clients” when speaking about the people who shop at their location. However you describe them, every one is vital to your success. 

I am bringing this up because I received a call from a dealer who told me he had just lost a very good customer, as well as a friend. Asking, “What happened?”, he tried to review the conversation. Their children were about the same age and they were friends. Up to this point all went well!

But … in the course of their conversation he started to rile about how many teens of today take drugs, drink and carry on. He told me his son had boasted to this customer about the “conquests” he scored. Some how he forgot that this friend had two teen-aged daughters. When the customer turned about and stormed out of the store, he couldn’t understand.

When I was in service, way back in the 1940s, we always were told, “A slip of the lip can sink a ship.” That still applies today in many forms.

Working with your customers is how you make a living. When I was attending the College of Pharmacy, every summer I found a job as an apprentice, in a different pharmacy. In each I learned the importance of how to talk to your customer. Never speak down, never argue, and never try to correct what they tell you. How you speak to them always makes a difference. Keep in mind that the customer is always right!

The message I am trying to deliver is basic to success. Speak softly and carefully and choose your words. This is a giant step to make your company expand.

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