Friday, March 27, 2015


When we all work together as a team and follow our fantastic leaders, we will win!

The first victory for us was getting HR 284 passed through the House. Now, we have to be sure that the Senate will pass S 148 so that we can return once again to building our companies. The reason we won this most recent battle was that all of us were working together with AAHomecare and VGM. That is why we were victorious!

Tom Ryan and John Gallagher provided guidance, and that is what we must always do: Follow the leaders! We are so fortunate as an industry to have so many great people like Tom & John to guide us. Our superb publications provide us with important information. Read every word they publish!

I repeat myself again: Every DME/HME dealer should become a dues paying member of their state DME association and AAHomecare ASAP. The cost is so minimal, but the ROI so fantastic.
I am sure you all recognize that when we stand alone we are not able to gain the approval and support of the politicians. However, by working together with the associations we have a great deal of strength.The clout we do have as individuals comes from simply telling our congressmen about our customers and clients. They all vote as we do, and a vote is often more valuable to them than money.
When you contact your representative, it is very important to know how to get your message across. AAHomecare and your state association will provide you with all the information necessary to deliver a winning message.

When you know what to say and how to present your message, success will follow. Never stand alone!

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