Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stand Up for Homecare

Only four words: “Stand up for homecare.” Use them to underline all your efforts to support AAHomecare and your state DME association. After all, they are your voice to Congress and when they receive your support, they can work even harder on your behalf!
Remember that your representatives need votes to stay in office and you are in a very good position to help them or defeat them when they campaign for reelection. The thought you must subtly plant is that you can help them remain in office or work to replace them.

All you have to do is call the local offices of your congressman and senator. In those offices, one staff member is responsible for all health related queries that come up. Please ask this person to tell to their “boss” that you, the principal of Your Medical Supply, located at Your Address,
 are asking for his support to get pending bills HR284 and S148 out of committee and passed.
All the many years I was active in my business, I always found time to make these calls and visits! Yes, it paid off for me, as it will for you. In the past, when I made these calls, I always referred back to what the congressman said. His quotes are always in the newspapers and I maintained a clip in my files to quote them when I made my contacts.

This is something every DME/HME dealer must do. The newspapers are filled with the many important things they say which you can use when contacting an elected politician.

STAND UP FOR HOMECARE, because when you do that, you will be helping to keep our industry and your company active.

Be sure that you participate in the Stand Up for Homecare reception at the end of the month in Las Vegas at Medtrade Spring. Help insure your future!
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