Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Medtrade Spring - Las Vegas

Invariably when the Medtrade Spring meetings open, they become very exciting and constructive. The principals of the DME/HME companies who attend all come with one goal: To insure their company will discover new opportunities for the coming year.

All of the attendees, whether they are DME/HME dealers or exhibitors, have a similar goal. It is to locate and establish new ways to develop additional market share. They each know the value of continued growth. One can no longer sit by quietly, because further development will dissipate.

How best should you, a DME/HME provider, prepare for Medtrade?

Your employees will share interesting ideas with you when you ask them. I spoke to a dealer in a medium sized city about how his company prepares for Medtrade. He answered that each of his staff told him “what they thought would help them increase sales for their department”! Medtrade is where to discover how effective your ideas are and then how your staff responds!

I have known this dealer for more than 25 years. I have to congratulate him because every time we speak, he talks about how his company continues to expand. The competition in his market is strong and his growth has continued. His motto is that “there is no tomorrow.”

He uses the Medtrade annual meetings to help him plan for the future. When I asked him how, his answer was “every day is a new day and for every day he has to be prepared”. He attends the Medtrade expositions with a list of people, speakers, peers and exhibitors he wants to see. He tries to visit every exhibitor and returns home loaded with new ideas.

If you have not registered to attend Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas (March 30 - April 1, 2015), do so now! There is still time. Use the promo code SHELLY to get your Free Expo Pass!

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