Thursday, March 26, 2015


There are very few moments more interesting than watching Kevin Gaffney cut the ribbon so that every attendee can enter the Medtrade exhibition hall! This has always been an exciting moment for attendees because they are all there looking for new ways to build sales and develop new profit sources. The exhibitors want to do the same, so Medtrade becomes the premier “win-win” meeting for our industry.
As you look back, you must recognize how this show really is the single most important opportunity ever for each DME/HME provider. You will see how every manufacturer has brought with them many new opportunities to develop profitable OTC sale items. You then have many choices.

Your task is to locate those manufacturers whose products are appropriate for your company. Spend time with the representatives and make arrangements for them to give “dog & pony” shows to both your inside and outside employees.

Many dealers with whom I have discussed this tell me what they do to maximize these sessions. They make arrangements for the company rep to make joint sales calls with their outside salespeople. Each of your team players should arrange meetings with their key accounts. They must be able to visit as many customers as possible. This is a big expense for the vendor, but this is how you build your business.

They have come to your office for a special reason! They are there to assist you in developing new sales and building additional profits. Isn’t that why you invited them?

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