Thursday, March 12, 2015


The number one asset of any company is the staff! Are you getting the most from your employees? Are you aware of what helps employees reach their potential? The answer is usually “motivation”!

Do you motivate by encouragement, such as with a pat on the back, or by a threat? Do you often reward a good employee with a salary increase? Do you wear a glove over a tight fist and use that to drive your staff to higher levels? Remember, you are the captain of the team and the results you can obtain will make for additional profits and more sales.

The most effective way to do this is via holding a meeting with all employees, including your drivers and the cleaning crew. Do not use this meeting to criticize, but rather to ask each member of your team to participate in gathering more sales and profits. Indicate, softly, that salary increases and other benefits will reflect as profits and sales grow. When you get the most from each employee, they will share in your success with salary increases and other surprises.

A DME principal showed me his neat way of rewarding those who gave him extra efforts with a gift certificate for dinner at a local restaurant. He told me this comparatively inexpensive reward brought out the best in each employee. He holds a staff “coffee break” every other Monday morning and the competition to obtain this “reward” was great. The time he gave that reward to the cleaning man the entire staff stood up and applauded.

What a way to boost morale and generate motivation! This is really motivation by recognition. These “coffee breaks” are a chance for you to listen and record what is said. When your staff knows they are being heard, you will have opened a fountain of knowledge.

When every employee recognizes that all are valuable to the company and that their extra efforts end up with recognition you will have made a giant step forward. As your staff develops into a “team” you will have proper motivation.

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