Monday, July 22, 2013


I had a chat with one of the exhibitors at Medtrade in Las Vegas a few months ago. I can recall just about the entire conversation we had. The person I spoke with was not a principal of the company but was a truly excellent salesperson!

I asked where the management people were, since I always looked forward to visiting with them at the Medtrade Exhibitions. I noticed that they only took one space while in the past their company would reserve several.

Who else is working with you?  The answer was that, “Some of our manufacturer reps have been helping me.” When I had the chance to meet one of these reps, I found that the attitude of this manufacturers’ team was negative.  This was embarrassing for me and I could hardly believe what I heard.

By the same token, some 15 steps further down the aisle was a very busy booth. This was a considerably smaller company, but they filled four spaces and yes, they were busy! They had a team; the principals and their salespeople and reps were working non-stop. They were writing orders, making deals, arranging for “dog and pony” days when the show was over to meet and speak with their dealer’s staff.

Attitude! Since I have had the privilege of attending all the Medtrade Exhibitions, I can make the following comment. “Some of the previous major exhibitors felt reducing the number of salespeople, booking less spaces, even reducing advertising was correct because the country was in a recession.” - This is a Negative attitude!

I had the pleasure of touring the exhibition with Russ Willcott, Editor at HomeCare Magazine” and together we reported about the displays. Those companies who displayed with a positive attitude saw a great ROI from their investments.

We managed to beat the depression! At the Fall Medtrade, I anticipate seeing the big displayers working with the dealers and watching the other exhibitors busy writing orders and developing new customers. They too, are becoming bigger and more aggressive.
ATTITUDE! Good positive attitude will make the difference.

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