Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Don't Complain

My reason for writing these blog entries is to share my experiences in the DME/HME industry. I had a very interesting phone call the other day, and it opened my eyes to a rather serious problem.

In the few years that this blog has been active, I’ve received many phone calls (321-255-3885) and e-mails shelly.prial@att.net about the Medtrade exhibitions. As the “Good Will Ambassador” for the show, I am the one to contact. I can relay that the greatest number of the reports I receive are positive about the show. This was particularly true about the Spring Medtrade in Las Vegas. It was a winner!

I received really great comments about the speakers and many were very enthusiastic about what they brought home from Las Vegas. But after the Spring show, I did receive two negative comments about the Medtrade expositions! I made it a point to contact them on the phone.
The first dealer I spoke with said the cost of attending; airfare, hotel, meals, was too high, and so he decided to call it quits. This dealer has been in business for more than dozen years. He told me that his sales have been going down, his profits melting away and he would be forced to close if We* do not eliminate the competitive bid legislation. (WE, but he did not include himself.)

I was very careful in my response. I started our conversation by asking him which associations he supported; state, AAHomecare, buying group, etc.? “None, I cannot afford that luxury!” was his answer.

After about a half hour, he admitted he last attended a Medtrade four years ago. As we discussed what took place in the economy and how other dealers not only survived, but also grew, he realized he was at fault. 

My conversations with the other dealer were much the same.  It is very easy to complain! It is so easy to just pass the buck.  BUT, it is much easier in the long run to “roll up your sleeves” and lend a hand to resolve your problems.

MEDTRADE is the answer, and if you do not take advantage of the most important opportunity ever to improve and expand your company, there are others who will jump right in and you will lose everything.

In the next few weeks I will tell you about the many new and exciting opportunities which you will discover in Orlando at Medtrade Fall!

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