Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wheel Chairs

Wheelchairs are an important sale item for DME/HME dealers. How best can you display them? If you do not have a large showroom you must find a way to make them very visible. I have visited many dealers and observed several attractive displays. It is not size of the display. It is how you show the chairs!

When visiting many dealers throughout the country, I am appalled too often at what I call “naked” wheelchairs. Make each chair a silent salesperson! Simply affix to each chair all the add-on sale and comfort items you can find. Use the ADA requirements as a guide.
Every wheelchair on your showroom floor must work for you. If you are limited in space, preparing a stand for the chairs is an excellent idea. While visiting a DME dealer in a small town, I saw an interesting display. This entrepreneur built a 4-inch high stand on which he could only display four or five units. Each chair was different and loaded with every comfort item he could attach.
Be sure that a different cushion is placed on each chair and there are several types of safety belts. They should be mounted. Cup holders, wallet holders, ashtrays, and items like anti-tip devices; oxygen cylinder holders, brake extensions and backpacks must be shown. They all help you make the sale and remove any hesitation when the purchaser recognizes how these will all be of tremendous value. 
A local dealer in Melbourne, where I live, has a wonderful display and every chair is loaded. He told me that in more than 90% of his sales, whether Medicaid, Medicare or other insurance, the patient usually bought  at least one or two additional items. The number of discretionary dollars available is large, and most people are willing to pay more for extra comfort. Today’s senior citizens and family caregivers have many disposable dollars. So my advice is to put every wheelchair on display to work for you. Show and sell!
I see that at Medtrade in Orlando, there will be many new and original add-on items which will be introduced. I am looking forward to being there and I know you feel the same.

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