Monday, July 8, 2013

Comfort Level

Are you comfortable where your business is sitting today?  Is your company ringing up more sales than it has in the past year? What can you do now to create new and additional sales with larger profits?
The fluctuations in the “stock market” should not affect your plans; be it expansion, new products, or adding another salesperson. Look where the market closed last month and that will tell you that the United States has rebounded and is rapidly returning to normal. Jobs are being found, homes are selling again, and suddenly the middle class is shopping with much more enthusiasm (i.e.: automobile, grocery, and luxury sales are exploding!). 
How do you plan to take advantage of these changes?  One DME provider said he hired two new salespeople and after only a few weeks his sales are beginning to increase already.
Another told me that after he reviewed our ideas about the importance of brightly lit signs and displays, he repainted the showroom and increased the number of lights. He identified the marketing segments on the showroom floor, and assured that every item on display had a price tag affixed. He never anticipated the ROI this created. All he could say was, “Wow!” People who came in just to see what he did were walking out having made OTC cash purchases.
During the many years I was in business, I never reached a comfort level. We kept expanding and my staff and I found the hunt for our “comfort level” pushed us to work harder and more diligently. Our employees were well rewarded as the business grew, and so was I.
We always took a few of our staff to Medtrade and there they found more cash sale OTC items that fit perfectly into our operation.

You, too, should do the same! Bring your team, and together you will locate many opportunities and set new comfort levels.

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