Friday, July 26, 2013


Let the politicians fight this program out, but make your plans now, not tomorrow! Support AAHomecare and your state association and allow them to guide you.

No one can really predict how a DME/HME provider will be affected when all these regulations are put in place. As many new citizens will qualify for coverage, they will provide a boost for your company. Will you have to provide coverage for your employees? That might be a negative for your company.

However, rather than worry about what may happen, think about who can guide you. There are still several months before these requirements become the law.  If you have to spend money, be prepared. It is better to spend now and not lose tomorrow.
Trying to have any influence by yourself to change any part of this legislation is impossible. But, Congress will hear the voice of your state association in conjunction with that of AAHomecare.
My task, as I see it, is to get every DME/HME dealer to partner with the state and national associations. It will take many dollars, many man-hours and much communication to get the changes we seek into these legislations.
ObamaCare is not the end of the world for your company. There have been many attacks on our industry and I have watched how the state associations and AAHomecare have worked and accomplished so much for their members.

I ask all non-members not to become a FREDDY THE FREE-LOADER but to BECOME ACTIVE MEMBERS NOW. That is how you will save your company from being forced out of business.

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