Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Create New Sales via Communication – Part 1

Communication is one of the best ways to create new sales. In the Shelly Sounds Off Blog, you will find many ideas that have been shared with me by some of my readers. To them, I say, “Thank you.”

The ability to correctly communicate with your customers and your referral sources is vital. This is particularly true today as DME/HME dealers are fighting tooth and nail to replace the competitive bidding legislation and develop niche markets and new OTC cash sales.  

Developing an effective communication program does not mean running out and hiring an advertising company and spending big dollars. NO. It means working within a budget and using many of your preferred vendors to assist in this effort.

Before you engage in any advertising program, set specific objectives and goals. What do you want to accomplish? An objective could be to develop name recognition for your company. You can send an explanation of the services provided by your company, or your outreach can be product oriented.

I feel that you should always feature in your advertising a new service or a new product you are introducing. It does not have to be an expensive program. One dealer ran an ad about arranging a consulting section on his showroom floor.  He called it the “Family Consultation Area”.

He told me this has become a focal point of his showroom. People started coming to him from throughout the community, not only his customers, to discuss problems with him. This has led to many new sales and many new customers.

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