Monday, July 1, 2013

On the Air

Communication – simply put, means the ability of transferring information. When we, as DME/HME providers, are kept informed of things that affect our business, we know how to respond. I spoke about my experiences at Medtrade when I was “on the air.”

Mike Sperduti (Emerge Sales) and Kevin Gaffney (Medtrade) have developed HME Voice, powered by Medtrade Radio. Yes, my words were broadcast and are available to all on Medtrade Radio! What a privilege!  I anticipate much good communication as a consequence of this new program.

Shelly Prial speaking on HME Voice
I apologize that I no longer have a crystal clear voice. I sounded like the typical old man that I am (now in my 87th year). Realizing what is at stake, I was proud to have been asked to participate, especially when being included as a speaker with wonderful, well-recognized leaders such as Jeff Baird, JD, and Rick Worstell. I also enjoyed hearing the news from Liz Beaulieu from HME News and "What's Been Buzzing?" Social Media Tips from Medtrade's Christina Brown.  

Our industry has many ways to work together. When we all join together we will be in control of our future. There are MedtradeMondayHomeCare Monday e-newsletter, and HME News wire coming every week. We receive bulletins from all the state DME associations, VGM, MED, and are fortunate to have AAHomecare as our leader in Washington.

As recipients of information from all these, our industry should be able to accomplish much more. Why don’t we?

There are 15,000 recognized DME/HME providers in the United States, but too few are members of their associations. Without their support, which means being dues paying members, these associations find that their hands are tied. I ask everyone to join me in my effort to get at least 90% of the dealers and providers to join forces.

Then, and only then, good things will happen. We will be capable of getting all the required legislation through Congress and signed into law by the President. DME/HME will then be recognized as a profession, not just as storekeepers!

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