Friday, July 5, 2013

Older Clientele

America is graying! We have heard this often in the last few years. Today we know that the majority of senior citizens have sufficient discretionary dollars available for “luxury” and comfort items.
A good way to reach them is by running an ad on the obituary page of your local newspaper. It sounds grim, but every older person I know invariably turns to the obit page first when they get their copy of the news.
Be specific in your advertisements; whether using mail, radio, TV or newspapers as a medium, it's important not to generalize. Offer a particular product - something seniors can readily identify. If you want to promote your line of incontinence products, offer a specific diaper.

Feature nationally recognized brands; names your customers will recognize. The big companies spend mega-bucks for brand identification, and you might as well take advantage of that. Many preferred vendors will help you with good advertising slicks aimed at today's senior citizen.
Something that means a great deal to an older person is recognition and respect. They usually do not want to be addressed by their first name, but rather as Mr. or Mrs. Jones. This is particularly true when being greeted by younger employees, most of whom may not be as old as their grandchildren.
A complaint that I often hear is how they dislike shopping in dark, dingy stores. They look for very brightly lit establishments. Far too often, a senior citizen will suffer from poor or diminished eyesight. Well-lit, clear aisles will prevent them from bumping against anything. This is a must.
Senior citizens do not like to ask for a price on displayed items. If the product you offer is not price marked, it might be dismissed and not purchased. I repeat: If the price of an item is not boldly recorded and easy to read, the product is much less likely to be purchased.

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