Friday, July 12, 2013

Upcoming Events

Many exciting things are happening which makes the future of DME/HME brighter than it has been for many years. In order for our industry to enjoy these changes, there are some upcoming events in which you must participate! In this fashion we will be able to stay on target.

July 18: AAHomecare is asking you to send to CMS every report you know about concerning delays in providing supplies in Part 1, and also now as we enter Part 2. Was equipment not available? Did the patient have to wait, or did the dealer refuse to give service? It appears that CMS has made up their mind that part 1 went so "well". I have heard testimonials from providers throughout the country detailing how patients were mistreated.   

This will be an ALL-IN operation between AAHomecare, state DME associations, The MED Group, and VGM. I would like to see every DME/HME dealer on board in this battle.

Today: Use the powerful weapon you own: your telephone. Our challenge here is a “life or death” situation. Our situation, if HR1717 does not get passed, is that we will be see many fine DME/HME companies forced to close. Please call your congressman, whose local phone number is in the telephone directory. Ask them to co-sponsor this bill. If only one or two dealers in the 500 plus districts in the US make that call, we will be successful. Do not sit by and wait for someone else to make this call.

There is no one else! Your business, livelihood, family, employees and customers as well as their well-being is at stake.

Right nowIf your company is not currently a member of both AAHomecare and your State association, then join right now. Commit! That is your only way to make sure you will remain in business.

October 8 – 10:  This year in Orlando, the Medtrade exhibition will be conducted differently. Every vendor, every association, every speaker and every attendee will be planning for the future. Gloom and doom will be forgotten. DME/HME will now become a NEW INDUSTRY.

Register for Medtrade using the promo code MTShelly, and get a Free Expo Pass.

Respond to all these upcoming events and as Vince Lombardi so aptly said: “If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?

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